Internet Porn: The Red Lights - Protecting Your Children by Knowing the Other Side

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Oktober 2014



Internet pornography casts a large shadow. Still, it's just a small part of something much bigger. It is a threat to growing minds and a distraction to others, but its power and influence are waning. This is a closer look at an anomaly of the 21st century. This is a warning. This book offers some solace and solution to parents. In a free and promiscuous society porn will never succumb to the outrage of mothers or ministers. Eventually technology may wall it in, and like any plague it may ultimately burn itself out. In the meantime there are ways of safeguarding your children and erecting your own walls. 10 years of failed legislation have shown that you can't look to the government when it comes to Internet porn. You can't depend on ineffective software solutions. You can only know your enemy, understand it and then act to overcome it. Internet pornography doesn't have to destroy your child's mind, but you're the only one who can prevent it.

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