Research in Clinical Practice

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September 2012



Research in Clinical Practice is a neat, pocket-sized reference guide examining how to get the most from actively participating in research. Including how to begin, avoiding pitfalls, whom to
approach and what questions to ask - all significant practicalities for conducting research in the reader's area of interest. Each reader will learn how to make the best use of such a valuable time.
Written by two experienced surgeons, both of whom achieved post graduate research degrees, Research in Clinical Practice, is an essential tool for clinicians embarking on a research project as well as those who are new to supervising researchers.


1.       Setting up a project
2.       Choosing a Project, Location and Supervisor
3.       Choosing a Degree
4.       Getting a Grant
5.       Special Qualifications and Equipment
6.       Getting Started
7.       Data Management
8.       Writing Up
9.       An Academic Career Pathway
10.    Getting Back
11.    Life After.........


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