Second Chance to Fall in Love

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November 2015



He swore to love his wife forever. He just doesn't remember who she is.

Polly Wilson had a loving marriage and a growing family. But when an accident steals her husband Theo's memory, she finds herself completely erased from his life. Her husband has become a stranger.

Now, with a baby on the way and Theo inexplicably drawn toward the East, Polly has to figure out a way to keep him around and make him fall in love with her. All over again.

Here's what readers like you are saying about Darlene Carson's stories:

  • This was a short, sweet, clean, Christian romance. It has a very good storyline.
  • Your style of writing was delightful to read.
  • Read this short novella and smile. It is amazing.
  • The story captured family, friendship, faith, trust and endurance. A joy to read.


Darlene Carson writes stories of love and forgiveness, about characters who are flawed and imperfect--just like us. Her tales are full of people who may have a spiritual bent, but who also struggle with their faith at times--just like us.
In addition to writing her own stories, she is an editor with LoveBlessed. LoveBlessed features sweet, clean stories written in family-friendly language--in other words, books you wouldn't be embarrassed to be caught reading!

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