The Longest Winter (Bello)

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November 2012



Evelyn Markham, devastated by reports that her fiancé is 'missing in action' in the trenches of France, leaves for Russia and the breathtaking opulence of her cousins' mansion in Petrograd.
But it is 1916 and Russia is on the brink of a revolution that will change the course of its history. As chaos overwhelms the city, Evelyn and the Suvarovs are forced to leave for the frozen twilight of the north. There, amidst the bitter turmoil of civil war, Evelyn is plunged into a life without privilege and luxury, a life of hardship and danger. A life that unexpectedly leads her heart in a direction that she had thought barred to her for ever ...


'Superb dialogue, with graphic descriptions of the legacy of war' Woman's World 'A truly satisfying read' Best
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