Austrian Vegan Home Cooking

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Februar 2015



Traditional home cooking and vegan cuisine: a winning combination, ... ... bringing both memories and the promise of homemade culinary delights. Daniela Friedl lovingly illustrates her favorite childhood dishes, giving us a full picture by bringing their historical background to life. Discover the classics of new Austrian cooking - vegan and free from animal cruelty.


Daniela Friedl was born in Salzburg in 1984. An academic sports journalist, she lives with her husband and their animals in a 200-year-old farmhouse in the Salzburg Lake District. Even though she grew up in the rural Flachgau area, where meat dishes were the order of the day, as a child she was living the vegetarian lifestyle and in 2009 she decided to become vegan on ethical grounds.
This step however had nothing to do with renunciation: her love for Austrian cuisine led her to discover that in fact all the traditional dishes could be prepared in a vegan way. There was hardly a cherished recipe that couldn't be adapted.
Daniela Friedl is an advocate of hearty home cooking, from solid main courses to sweet desserts - vegan and free from animal suffering.

The author shares her experiences in the following books:
"Compassion Inappropriate - Living Vegan in Austria" (Tredition 2011)
"Quick Vegan Cooking - Soya-Free and Simple" (BoD 2012)
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