A Finite Element Method for Netting

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Mai 2013



This book fully describes a finite element method for netting. That describes the relation between forces and deformation of the netting. That takes into account forces due to the twine elasticity, the hydrodynamic forces, the catch effect, the mesh opening stiffness. This book is divided in 5 parts. The first section contains introduction on the finite element method, the second part is about equilibrium calculation, the third presents a triangular element for netting, the fourth and fifth are for cable and node element. The sixth presents few validation cases.¿


1. Introduction.-
2. Finite element method.-
3. Equilibrium calculation.-
4. The triangular finite element for netting.-
5. The bar finite element for cable.-
6. The node element.-
7. Validation.¿



Daniel Priour: Engineer, Research and Development, in Aquaculture and fishing technology at Ifremer. Experience in mechanical and hydrodynamic behaviour of marine structures such as fish farming cages and fishing gear. Development of Finite Element Model devoted to nettings and cables structures.
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