Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

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November 2014



Known to millions of Boy Scouts as "Uncle Dan," Daniel Beard was also a Progressive-era reformer, a naturalist, illustrator, and author. Among his many "how-to" books is this entertaining collection of camp lore and practical notes on woodcrafting.
In Camp-Lore and Woodcraft, Beard, an avid outdoorsman, provides youngsters and campers of all ages with detailed, easy-to-follow advice on building campfires for light and warmth; making a good fire for cooking; and packing, saddling, and mounting a horse. There are also some fine tips on preparing for a camping trip, choosing a camp site, and pitching a tent, plus notes on how to cut down a tree and the proper way to chop wood.
First published nearly a century ago, and enhanced with more than 370 of the author's own illustrations, this engagingly written book by a man with a keen appreciation of the joys of nature will delight and instruct boys and girls with its celebration of traditional Native American lore and its helpful hints on how to safely enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors.


I. Fire Making by Friction
II. Fire Making by Percussion
III. How to Build a Fire
IV. How to Lay a Good Cooking Fire
V. Camp Kitchens
VI. Camp Food
VII. Packing Horses
VIII. The Use of Dogs. Man Packing
IX. Preparing for Camping Trip
X. Saddles
XI. Choosing a Camp Site
XII. Axe and Saw
XIII. Council Grounds and Fires
XIV. Ritual of the Council Fire

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