Never Feeling Safe

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Oktober 2014



Never Feeling Safe: Another Person Abused
is my true life story.

Everyone has a story and Never Feeling Safe is mind. I was sexually, psychologically, physically and emotionally abused by the hands of many of my relatives when I was a child growing up in Newfoundland. I charged my relatives for abuse when I was a child. Being abused affected my deepest core. Every
part of my body and psyche felt destroyed at the precious age of seven.
I couldn't control the family I was born into. I share with you
my childhood experience of going to court alone, being a teenage runaway and living in shelters and feeling
immobilized by my deepest fears.
I share how I suffered from depression, bulimia, isolation,
guilt, shame, no confidence, anger and mistrust.
I also share about how I am today. Today I am a successful Registered Palliative Care, have made a difference in my community, volunteered as a nurse in Africa and today I not only have healthy values and confidence but I have forgiveness, trust in humanity and healthy relationships.
Never Feeling Safe is about never giving up on hope.
Find Hope and be inspired.

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