Nice Girl Like You

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September 2014



Single and alone in a small Oregon town, Jim takes special notice when an attractive woman close to his own age moves in next door. At first distant and aloof, Rose starts to rely on him to feel safe when her ex begins stalking her.

Yet their bond grows much closer than he expected, far sooner than he anticipated. As events grow creepier and harder to explain, Jim begins to wonder if there's more to his neighbor than just another Nice Girl Like You.

Nice Girl Like You is a short thriller of about 7,000 words in length, or roughly 20 pages.

Early Praise for Nice Girl Like You:

"Hansen's likable characters, dead-on dialogue, and elegant prose lull the reader into a false sense of happiness that makes it even more powerful when he rips that comfort away and sends you spiraling along with his main character toward the end of this horrific tale. Highly recommended."
—Michael W. Layne, Author of Whittier and Under Vegas


Craig Hansen wrote his first SF published short story, "The S.S. Nova," when he was fourteen. It was published in the Minnesota Writers in the Schools COMPAS program's 1981 anthology of student writing, When It Grows Up, You Say Goodbye To It. That was when he decided to dedicate himself to writing.

Hansen earned two degrees at Minnesota State University at Mankato under the mentorship of young adult novelist Terry Davis. In the years that followed, Hansen worked a variety of jobs, including five years in journalism in northwestern Wisconsin, where he earned several state awards for his writing and editing.

His work has appeared in the Meadowbrook Press anthology, Girls to the Rescue, Book 1, as well as the true crime journal, Ripper Notes, in volume 28.

His first novel, Most Likely, was released in May 2011. Shada, the first installment of the Ember Cole series of young adult paranormal suspense books, was published in September 2011. Under Contract followed in the spring of 2012. The Devohrah Initiative appeared in August 2013. Nice Girl Like You is his most-recent work.

Hansen remains hard at work on two novel-length books. Ember continues the story of Ember Cole that began in Shada, and will be the second novel in that series. EyeCU (working title) will become his first novel-length horror tale for older readers.

Hansen lives in Oregon with his wife, a dog, two cats, and his 91-year-old father, a World War II veteran.

Craig's interests include the music of Johnny Cash, reading the novels of other independent authors, blogging, and the study of Messianic theology.

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