A Bloody London Tale 1

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Januar 2015



Ten years after the bloody vampire epidemic arrived on British shores, order has been restored to London but vampires remain a marginalized and persecuted group. Now the unrest begins during the winter solstice, the vampires day of celebration.
In a world where vampires are real, many countries are at war with their own vampire epidemics, yet Britain has found a way to manage their own vampire epidemic. Donor houses are where vampires get to satisfy their needs without bloody murder. They are a marginalized group in society. They are often the poorest of society and have to commit crimes because of their dire situation. In London, vampires and everyone else have managed to live side by side without any major disturbances since the last outbreak (of people turning into vampires) 10 years ago. Vampirism is a disease spread by biting and sexual intercourse. As a result of government intervention, cases of infections decreased and populations were able to live side by side in a regulated manner.
These vampires have spent years living in poverty, suppressing their natural urges and way of life. However the government has been cutting services and the vampire community have been hit the hardest. The nocturnal economy created for vampires is failing, the government unable to stimulate it enough.
21st December has become the vampires national day.The shortest day of the year offers vampires an escape from the reality of living as repressed minority, and its then that the protests, riots and attacks begin.

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