Faster Dirtier

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November 2014



Ainsley "Ace" Vaughn is one of the best drivers in the world. She also happens to be female-and in the male-dominated world of racing, that means season after season on the bench of a cut-rate F3 team. That is, until she's recruited by the world's best F1 team to become their first female driver.
And when smoking hot Enzo Lazio-the driver she's idolized since her hormones started working-is assigned as her mentor, Ainsley is convinced she's died and gone to heaven.
For Enzo, the shock of having a female driver on the team is nothing compared to his stunned instant attraction to Ainsley-compounded when he finds out she really can drive. He might be racing's most notorious bad boy, but he can't resist a woman who can keep up with his horsepower on and off the track.
Their explosive passion refuses to be contained, but a public affair could destroy both of their careers. Can they downshift before it's too late-or will they crash and burn in the name of love?

Book #5 in the Take Me...Faster Racing Romance Series.

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