Mounted and Bred by the Mermen (Himeros Cycle)

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April 2013



Note, March 31, 2014: Completely revised and greatly expanded!

With Chalcis and Eretria on the verge of war, Nerida embarks on her plan to steal the Conch of Triton from the Temple of Amphitrite. The Conch, imbued with Triton's powers, could literally turn the tides of war and save her city. There's only one catch: the temple is located on Antimilos, an island sacred to the mer — and the mermen don't take kindly to visitors.

After a series of misadventures, including an encounter with the smolderingly seductive but brutal merman Xenius and a pair of mythological sea monsters, the plucky tomb raider's luck at last runs dry and she finds herself entangled in a merman's net. The penalty for desecrating the temple is death, but there's a loophole: the guardians won't kill a woman with a merman's baby in her belly...

This 25,000 word erotic high fantasy adventure contains explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse between a woman and several hunky mermen.


I'm an erotica author with an overactive imagination. I've always been a big nerd and love reading big fat books, especially YA, fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Now I spend all of my time dreaming up stories about people that are much more adventurous than myself doing things that I would never, ever do in a million years.
Relax, mom, it's just pretend. :)
I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say and welcome suggestions. You can contact me at

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