A Taste for Excitement (A Taste for Romance, #2)

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November 2012



After a torrid night of passion and a romantic day at the beach, sixty-five year old Clarissa realizes that her dirty dalliance with a man less than half her age may turn out to be something more than a one night stand. There's only one problem: she knows nothing about her paramour, not even his name. A meeting with someone from his past and a tense moment during a tropical storm convince her that there's more to this young man than meets the eye.

This steamy 6,700 word erotic story about a mature, older woman and a sexy younger man picks up where the first volume leaves off. It is filled with graphic and explicit language, including oral sex, cunnilingus, and passionate intercourse.


The young man led her up over a pile of stone blocks and when they came down the other side her breath caught in her throat.

A waterfall, no more than twenty feet high, cascaded between ferns and palm trees into a small emerald pool surrounded by gleaming black rocks. The waterfall was almost enclosed by the short cliff and practically invisible from anywhere else on the beach, affording them a modicum of privacy. The crash of the falls was just loud enough to obscure their voices from others.

"It's beautiful," she said, turning to him with a smile.

"I come here to think sometimes," he said, leading her by the hand. They walked through the shallow stream leading from the pool to the ocean. The water running over their feet felt crisp and cool, a refreshing change from the hot stone baking under the blaze of the sun.

He set her umbrella and towel roll down on a large flat rock and splashed into the pool, ducking his head under the falls and then shaking the water out of his hair with a yelp. He wiped the water out of his eyes and slicked back his hair with his hands, smiling.

"Come on," he said, waving her over. "It's warmer than it looks."

She climbed down carefully from the rock and slipped into t


I'm an erotica author with an overactive imagination. I've always been a big nerd and love reading big fat books, especially YA, fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Now I spend all of my time dreaming up stories about people that are much more adventurous than myself doing things that I would never, ever do in a million years.
Relax, mom, it's just pretend. :)
I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say and welcome suggestions. You can contact me at

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