Saint Vidicon To The Rescue

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März 2005



Techno troubleshooter Tony Ricci's latest challenge is to debug the computers at the marketing firm of Rodrigo and Associates. Pages of Biblical text have been appearing on every terminal throughout the network-disrupting the staff and costing the company a lot of time and work.

But he's astonished to discover the religious text tells the story of St. Vidicon of Cathode, who protects people from the consequences of Finagle's General Principle and its most famous corollary, Murphy's Law. Then his attempt to exorcise the virus places him face-to-face with the blessed saint.

Father Vidicon needs a disciple to aid him in answering prayers, solving problems, and averting disasters across the globe. IN exchange, the Saint will give Tony some much-needed help with his love life. Now Tony's providing tech support for a world in peril. And it's going to take more than rebooting to fix this kind of system failure.

"Stasheff has a knack for crafting a lighthearted, action-filled tale."-Library Journal
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