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November 2014



Welcome! presents English language learning and practice in a Christian context. It provides rich opportunities for the development of all language skills including speaking, pronunciation, reading, listening, spelling, and writing through a wide variety of exercises. Explanations are clear, simple, and easy to remember. There are grammar exercises, comprehension questions, pronunciation drills, listening exercises, writing exercises, making a sentence exercises, and word search puzzles for vocabulary reinforcement. Its benefits are numerous:
. Your English language skills will improve and your Bible vocabulary will increase
. You'll feel more confident in speaking and reading English
. Be able to enjoy English church services and take part in Bible discussions
. It's an excellent witnessing and evangelistic book for those witnessing to or in ministry to persons whose second or foreign language is English; the Bible topics covered can comprise a complete Bible study course; therefore, Welcome! is ideal for giving Bible studies and to prepare people for baptism.

Welcome! presents story contexts and situations that Christians around the world experience in their daily lives. The high-interest stories are fascinating to read and the practice exercises are captivating to do. It features popular Bible topics such as Agape love, the Gospel, marriage, family relationships, baptism, salvation, heaven, hell, and the afterlife. There are also fun word search puzzles included for vocabulary reinforcement.
Welcome! is suitable for adult, youth, and young adult learners of English at the high beginner to intermediate levels. It can be used for individual self-study, as a classroom text, as a reference, one on one with a tutor, or in a small group setting.

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Untertitel: English for Christian English Language Learners. Sprache: Englisch.
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