I Look Divine

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November 2013



Nicholas is beautiful, wealthy and hopelessly vain. With his older brother in tow, he jets from one glamorous scene to another. Whether it's in Rome, Madrid, or Mexico, what matters to him most is the admiration of others. Then one day, not even forty and his beauty faded, his life comes to an early end. His brother is left to pick up the pieces and make sense of Nicholas' untimely demise. "I Look Divine" is a precisely told and moving tale about what lurks beneath the ripples of Narcissus' reflecting pool.


Christopher Coe's style has been called "reminiscent of both Oscar Wilde's and Marcel Proust's late writings" (Publishers Weekly). Writer, photographer and cabaret singer, Coe lived in Paris and New York City. His first novel, "I Look Divine", was published in 1987, his second, "Such Times", in 1993. In 1994, Christopher Coe died of AIDS. David Leavitt's books include "Family Dancing", "The Lost Language of Cranes", "While England Sleeps", "The Man Who Knew Too Much: Alan Turing and the Invention of the Computer", and "The Indian Clerk". A new novel, "The Two Hotel Francforts", will be published in the fall of 2013. He lives in Gainesville, Florida, where he is a professor of English at the University of Florida and edits the literary journal "Subtropics."
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