A Taste Of Summer Magic

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November 2008



Partners Jason Scholl and Perry Holloway own and manage the upscale restaurant, No Patio. Not only do they share passions in the kitchen, but also in bed. After a run-in with a 9 inch stainless steel dildo and a dominatrix, it's Jason's turn to try and find someone both men can enjoy. Nice girls don't enjoy sex with two men, do they?
When her uber rich husband, Thomas divorces her, practicing witch Morgan T'Naile scrapes together the remnants of her pride and flees. Camped out a local park, she stumbles over her best friend's little brother, Jason Scholl. Jason's not the wide-eyed boy she remembers but a full-grown sexy man with his own partner, Perry. She has no idea she was once the star of Jason's adolescent fantasies. But Jason hasn't forgotten and he intends to turn imagination into reality.

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Untertitel: ebook Ausgabe. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Champagne Books
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2008
Format: epub eBook
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