Midnight Hour's Muse: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems In Prose

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Dezember 2014



A young girl loses herself in the green forest of virgins. A woman imagines an affair, but lacks the courage to pursue her beloved. Lost boys fall from stars, from tears, from bridges. They go missing in the breezes of time, and never return. Lovers are left waiting, brides are left wanting. Children leave for new worlds, some imagined, some real.

Whispered thoughts seep into the hush of dawn.

Girls, girls, why do you hate me so?
Boys, boys, why do you tempt me so?

Hearts falter.
Breath stops.


Love flows forever in a short time.

Rich diction, haunting symbolism, and colorful imagery abound in this debut collection. Bittersweet and evocative, The Midnight Hour's Muse shares a sensual exploration of the nuances of affection, womanhood, and obsession through a compelling array of short tales and poems in prose.
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