Revelation of Bodhicittam

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Februar 2015



This regrettably neglected text comprises 112 stanzas introduced by a brief prologue in prose. None of Nagarjuna's other works exhibit such a well-balanced and coherent structure as the Bodhicittavivarana. This is to some extent a natural consequence of the fact that the theme is at once simple and comprehensive: bodhicitta. It has a relative aspect consisting in the desire for the bodhi (awakening) of all living beings, and an absolute consisting in the unlimited cognition of shunyata (emptiness). The Bodhicittavivarana thus provides us with a compendium of the practice and theory of Mahayana Buddhism.

This book consists of an introduction, the English translation of Bodhicittavivarana, the Tibetan transcription, Sanskrit fragments, additional notes and a new essay about the Greek roots of Buddhism.


Dr. Christian Lindtner, born 1949, studied classical and oriental languages, religion and philosophy at the University of Copenhagen, MA 1979 (Indian philology). Ph.D. 1982 (Buddhist studies).
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