Troubleshooting Oracle Performance

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August 2008



A fantastic addition to Apress's ever-growing line of performance optimization titles for Oracle developers and database administrators written by internationally acclaimed experts. This book forges a strong link in the chain from performance problem to performance solution by giving readers a systematic method for solving problems once they've been identified. Christian Antognini's emphasis on planning for performance as an application requirement represent clear and fresh thinking on the problem of database performance. His use of solution roadmaps to provide a repeatable path from identified problem to solution make his book genuinely helpful to readers who want more than a random collection of performance tips. Readers of Jonathan Lewis, Tom Kyte, Craig Shallahamer will welcome the chance to add Christian Antognini to their shelves.


Identifying Performance Problems.
Configuring the Query Optimizer.
Parsing.-Execution Plans.
Optimizing Table Accesses.
Optimizing Joins.
Beyond Accesses and Joins Optimization.
Optimizing Table Layout.
SQL Tuning Techniques.



Since 1995, Christian Antognini has been focusing on understanding how the Oracle database engine works. His main interests range from logical and physical database design, to the integration of databases with Java applications, the query optimizer, and basically everything else related to performance management and tuning. He is working as a senior consultant and trainer at Trivadis AG in Z rich, Switzerland. If he is not helping one of his customers to get the most out of Oracle, he is somewhere lecturing on optimization or new Oracle database features for developers. He is member of the Trivadis Performance Team and of the OakTable Network).
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