NGOs under Pressure in Partial Democracies

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August 2014



Over the past decade, international human rights organizations and think tanks have expressed a growing concern that the space of civil society organizations around the world is under pressure. This book examines the pressures experienced by NGOs in four partial democracies: Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Introduction PART I: PRESSURES ON CIVIL SOCIETY IN PARTIAL DEMOCRACIES 1. Introduction 2. Partly Free, Partly Democratic? 3. Civil Society Organizations and Arenas of Contention 4. Partial Democracy and Pressures on Civil Society: Tentative Explanations PART II: POLITICAL SPACE OF NGOS 5. Introduction 6. NGOs, Political Space and Pressures 7. Pressures on Political Space: an Overview 8. Explaining Pressures on NGOs 9. Research Methodology PART III: NATIONAL CONTEXTS: PARTIAL DEMOCRATIZATION AND CIVIL SOCIETY 10. Introduction 11. Guatemala 12. Honduras 13. Philippines 14. Indonesia 15. Conclusion PART IV: POLITICAL SPACE UNDER PRESSURE: TRENDS AND PATTERNS 16. Promotion of Sensitive Rights 17. Promotion of Truth, Good Governance and the Rule of Law 18. Claiming Natural Resources 19. Contesting Regime Legitimacy 20. Insecurity 21. Conclusion PART V: DEFENDING, CLAIMING AND NEGOTIATING POLITICAL SPACE 22. Introduction 23. Responses: an overview 24. Defensive responses 25. Proactive responses 26. Conclusion Conclusion Annex Bibliography


Chris van der Borgh is an associate professor at the Centre for Conflict Studies, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Carolijn Terwindt holds a doctorate from Columbia University, USA. She is currently a legal advisor at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in Berlin, Germany.
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