Hitler's War on Russia

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Januar 2012



The Russian Front was the decisive theatre of World War II, with the great mass of the German Army and Luftwaffe locked in battle with the Red Army in the largest land campaign in history. On a 1,200 mile front, from the Arctic Circle to the Caspian Sea, in baking summer heat and freezing winter temperatures, millions of men and women fought the most vital battle of the war. Had the Germans won in the East, a Nazi victory would have been almost inevitable. This book examines the German campaign on the Eastern Front, from their first significant defeat at the gates of Moscow in 1941 to the defeat at Stalingrad and the Russian capture of Berlin marking the end of the war in Europe, exploring how Hitler's flawed dream of conquest in the East brought about the end of the Thousand Year Reich - in little over a thousand days. This is the non-illustrated edition of Ostfront wth about 20,000 words of new material from the author.


Charles Winchester is a military writer of long-standing, with a particular interest in the Eastern Front battles of World War II. He has published a number of books and articles on nineteenth and twentieth century military history. His topics are as diverse as the Russo-Turkish War, the Infantry of the Confederacy, German WWI assault troops and the Second World War on the Russian Front.
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