The Works of Charles Ayling

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Becoming disabled in Afghanistan on his third deployment, Jim decides to resign his commission as captain and retire after twelve years of service in the Corps of Engineers. This means he can finally marry the girl of his dreams as she had always refused to marry until he left the army. Fortunately for Jim, she was always prepared to wait, and in the meantime pursue her own high flying career in television. Jim is assured by her that she accepts his new disability; but does she?
After the trauma of Richard's mother running off with a delivery man, his father is never the same and has great difficulty in running his greengrocer's business. Because Richard loves his dad, he helps as much as he can; not really wanting this as a permanent career.
Richard is eighteen, tall, slim and unassuming. Some would say introverted, having a tendency to keep to himself and daydream; some would say fantasize.
For a few years he has often gazed at the large, empty Victorian house across the street and imagines what would he do if a beautiful girl ever moved in.
One day, a beautiful young girl with her attractive mother do move in and get caught up in his life. What happens now...Richard?

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Untertitel: Intriguing Love Stories, Vol. 3. Sprache: Englisch.
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