Pushing the Limits

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Februar 2015



Languishing on Rafe's luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, there's nowhere for Nicole to go - except deeper into her darkest fantasies.

Playboy heir Rafe Contini knows he wants raven-haired beauty Nicole Parrish the moment he sets eyes on her. But headstrong Nicole - visiting for the summer before she returns to life at university - is new to Rafe's glamorous world, a place where anything is obtainable... at a price. And while Nicole is intoxicated by the extreme pleasure Rafe is offering, is it wise to surrender her treasured freedom - and to such a devilish and dangerous gaoler?

Pushing the Limits is the first in a sumptuous series starring Rafe Contini and the object of his desire: Nicole Parrish, niece of Dominic Knight, the infamous hero of CC Gibbs' bestselling Knight trilogy.

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