Your Own Skipper

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September 2014



This is a trio of powerful short stories from novelist and playwright, Catherine Czerkawska.
In the title story, Mags takes her small son to the Scottish fishing village where her grandparents once lived and - briefly - renews an old friendship. Your Own Skipper is a tale of missed opportunities, personal inadequacy and the challenges of parental responsibility.
In Civil Rights, a teenage girl has a dangerous but ultimately illuminating experience in late nineteen sixties Dublin where she is working for the summer. Caught up in a series of dangerous events, she is only protected by her innocence and an unexpected act of kindness.
In Lip Reading, a disillusioned young migrant on his way home to Poland, reflects on his less than happy experiences in present day Scotland.
These are uncompromising and poignant stories, but the characters and their experiences are all too real and recognisable. These are stories about alienation, about people struggling - through no fault of their own - to fit in with their surroundings.

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Erscheinungsdatum: September 2014
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