Your Dream Arena - A Unique Guide to Dream Interpretation

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August 2014



Night after night we are ushered through the doors of sleep into our own personal dream theatre. As the curtains close on the external world, they open onto that great internal playhouse of our dreams.
There are no tour dates for your Dream Arena. Tickets to these fabulous productions are free; all you have to do is welcome sleep. There are no concert reviews because the only performance will be for you alone. Any reviews will be yours as you start to record and analyse your dreams following the exercises in this book.
Within this book you will discover how similar dreams can have very different interpretations depending on the dreamer. How similar dream scenarios can take dreamers in different directions and how comparative life experiences may in dreams be symbolised quite differently.
The dream language is the language of our inner landscapes and the aim of this book is to make the language you use while sleeping as familiar as the language you use when awake. Through the many real dream examples collected over the last decade, you will read how modern dreams can share similarities with Classical myths and how modern-day problems can be depicted in dreams. How nightmares may scare us but they can also help us face our fears and how lucid dreams can have their pros and cons.
The many aspects of dreaming include predictive dreams, ESP in dreams and dreams of health. In Children's Hour there is a section on how to interpret youngsters' nightmares.
This book will take you into your own Dream Arena and suggest how to understand the messages and heed the warnings in your dreams. Through interpreting your dreams, you will learn not simply to understand a dream, but to understand yourself.

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