Twisted (Rockstar Romance)

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Dezember 2014



Book 2 in the rockstar series, Lost in Oblivion.

He's always been her knight in shining armor. He just never expected to be the one who needed to be saved…

Being the rhythm guitarist in one of the country's hottest bands with his best friend Jazz is Gray Duffy's dream come true. Since the day she became his foster sister as a teenager, Gray has protected her. Loved her.

At first platonically, then so much more.

Jazz adores Gray, and he makes Jazz feel safer than anyone she's ever known. And more frustrated. Now that they're making music together and spending every waking moment trapped in tight quarters, the time is right for her to make a move toward the man she loves.

If the secret he's keeping doesn't destroy them—and their band.

**This book is a standalone title in the Lost in Oblivion series.**

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Verlag: Rainbow Rage Publishing
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2014
Format: epub eBook
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