From Belly Fat to Belly Flat

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Juni 2011



If you're a woman over 30, or a man over 40, it could be happening to you!

It's an all-too-common problem when you hit 30: despite your best efforts, you just can't seem to lose the extra weight around your middle. Medical research proves you're not alone - that the average person gains one to two pounds a year after the age of 30, usually around the stomach.

Hormone imbalance specialist, Dr C W Randolph, explains that the real reason behind this problem has less to do with calories and carbs, and everything to do with a little-known but very real medical problem known as 'oestrogen dominance'.

In From Belly Fat to Belly Flat you will learn:

- How to self-diagnose oestrogen dominance

- The top ten belly-blasting foods

- The everyday culprits that impact hormone levels

- Which vitamins and supplements support and sabotage hormone balance

The result? Within four weeks you'll lose pounds and inches to reveal a flat belly.


Dr C W Randolph and Genie James


"the secret to slimming down that stubborn tum" Woman "An easy read that gets straight to the point. Explains in terms everyone can understand hormone imbalance and gives simple, straightforward solutions to problems plaguing women of all ages " Erika Schwartz, MD "... a one stop shopping spree rolled into 244 pages of practical tips on reclaiming your shape. Dr Randolph and Ms James have taken a back-to-basics, customizable approach to recommending personal health options ... I was tickled to find this book and you will be too!" Dr Cathy Creger Rosenbaum, Holistic Clinical Pharmacist
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