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Surely you can trust your own thoughts ...
Suzi is convicted of the murders of crimelord Tarran Xanyak, and Chas Harding, Xanyak's sidekick and the leader of the gang that had raped Suzi and killed her family. Once jailed, she realises she can obtain some computer files that will convict some of the universe's most wanted and overthrow some of the universe's most corrupt. All she needs to do is escape from her maximum security prison and access a remote computer that is protected by the most secure code ever invented - the Mindkey. The worrying part is that Suzi knows about the computer, because she didn't know she knew ...
Can Suzi really trust her own thoughts?
"Mindkey" is the sequel to "Suzi" in which our heroine is taken from the innocence of her sheltered youth and dumped unceremoniously into a universe of crime, corruption and evil. Suzi had the mental strength to stay alive, and sane, through that first ordeal, but can she survive this new test?

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