The Liam Jurrah Story

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August 2011



"Thousands of people come to watch particular players because there is something about them that they can connect with and that excites, and Liam is doing just that.But he's also showing that he's a great man, a special person." -Jimmy Stynes, President of the Melbourne Football Club.Known as the 'Warlpiri Warrior,' the 'Jurrahcane' and 'Cougar,' Liam Jurrah is a rising star of the AFL, known for his startling displays of skill, artistry and the 'deadly' impact of his football ability. But despite Liam's prodigious talent, he is a relative newcomer to the AFL.This book tells the incredible journey travelled by Liam, a fully initiated Warlpiri man, from the remote Aboriginal desert community of Yuendumu to the MCG, as the first of his kind to play football at an elite level.Written by the man whose family provided a home for Liam when he first moved to Melbourne, this is the story of how Liam learned about life in the 'big smoke,' his time at Collingwood and his recruitment by Jimmy Stynes and the Melbourne Football club. Along the way the book describes how the author and his family came to understand and treasure the richness of Liam's Warlpiri culture. According to Martin Flanagan, "Liam Jurrah is like no other sports story in Australia, and possibly the world, at this time."


Bruce Hearn Mackinnon was born in Melbourne in 1957. He is married and has a son and a stepdaughter. He is a senior lecturer with the School of Management and Marketing at Deakin University and a researcher in the university's Centre for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Community. Bruce is also vice-president of a maverick coterie, the Collingwood Industrial Magpies, an organisation committed to reconciliation between black and white Australia, and which formed a special relationship with the remote Central Australian Aboriginal community of Yuendumu in 2002. This relationship with Yuendumu led to Liam Jurrah first visiting and later living with Bruce and his family in Melbourne, as he pursued his dream of becoming an AFL player.

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