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This new book from the acclaimed author of Advanced Web Metrics puts you in control of your data showing you how to be successful in your organization. This book is for you if you are:
- a digital analyst working with Google Analytics and wishing to go to the next level of your career.
- a manager of data who needs a solid understanding of best practice website measurement, the capabilities of Google Analytics, and how to guide your organisation's digital strategy.
- a student of quantitative marketing (or economics and management) looking to gain a detailed knowledge of what it takes to be successful with Google Analytics.
For all of the above, your ultimate interest is in insights and knowledge, not more data!
Top Three Take Aways
1. This book is about using Google Analytics in an enterprise environment - to embolden your organisation to actually use its data for important decisions - that is, not just be a hit counter.
2. This book is about team work - providing the methods and processes to bridge the often daunting gap between practitioners and senior management.
3. This book is about data trust - helping you ensure you have the best data quality so the rest of the organisation can trust and rely on it.
Specific recommendations on:
- How to audit your data (without looking at code) to ensure good data quality and trust
- How to assess the investment in tools and team
- How to ensure your team focuses on insights, not data
- Understanding KPI selection and the dashboards required to convey them
- Telling stories with data - Real world insights from major brands showing the difference knowledge makes
eBook1 contains chapters 1-5 (out of 10)

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