Cats, Wizards and Honey

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Dezember 2016



In this exciting collection of short stories written in his youth, Brian Bosselman shares with you four tales of excitement. My Hall, a story of a dwarf living in his mountain home. The Tale Of Frisky Kitty, a story about a young man taking his love to a ball on the moon. The Wizard And The Ogre, a short play about a chance encounter between two magical creatures in the woods. The Great Honey Adventure, a tale of two young ferrets trying to solve a crime in their own backyard.


Originating from Portland Oregon, Brian Bosselman has been writing for as long as he can remember. In school his breaks were spent not playing in the swing set, but sitting in the library writing down all the stories that came to mind and sharing them with everyone he could. Now that he is all grown up, he has not forgotten his passion for writing and sharing stories with the world.

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Verlag: Brian Bosselman
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2016
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