Principles of Tzeltal Plant Classification

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Principles of Tzeltal Plant Classification: An Introduction to the Botanical Ethnography of a Mayan-Speaking People of Highland Chiapas covers the underlying classificatory principles used by the Tzeltal to order the vast array of organisms of the plant world. The book describes the setting of the research, both from a botanical and ethnographic view; the general outline of Tzeltal plant classification and nomenclature; and the methods used to collect data. The text also discusses the rich ethnolinguistic terminology used by the Tzeltal in describing and discussing the structure of plants, referred to as ethnophytography; and the cultural significance of plants to the Tzeltal in agriculture, food types, house building, and other areas of material culture where plants and plant products are of major importance. The individual description of all known Tzeltal plant classes is also encompassed in detail. Botanists and ethnobotanists will find the book invaluable.


1;Front Cover;1 2;Principles of Tzeltal Plant Classification: An Introduction to the Botanical Ethnography of a Mayan-Speaking People of Highland Chiapas;4 3;Copyright Page;5 4;Table of Contents;10 5;Dedication;6 6;Foreword;14 7;Preface;16 8;Acknowledgments;20 9;Conventions, Abbreviations, and Key to Pronunciation of Tzeltal Words;22 10;PART I: The Setting, Principles, and Methods;26 10.1;CHAPTER 1. THE SETTING;28 10.1.1;1 Phytogeography of Chiapas;28 10.1.2;2 Linguistic and Cultural Characteristics of the Central Highlands;31 10.1.3;3 The Municipio of Tenejapa;35 10.1.4;4 Informants Utilized in the Research;46 10.2;CHAPTER 2. GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF TZELTAL PLANT CLASSIFICATION AND NOMENCLATURE;50 10.2.1;1 Universal Principles of Classification and Nomenclature in Ethnobiology;50 10.2.2;2. Tzeltal Plant Taxonomy: A General Overview;55 10.2.3;3 Nomenclature and Classification: Some Possible Qualifications;57 10.2.4;4 Intermediate Taxa as Covert Conceptual Categories;61 10.2.5;5 Terminal Taxa;61 10.2.6;6 Summary of the Overview;61 10.2.7;7 Detailed Analysis of Tzeltal Plant Nomenclature;62 10.3;CHAPTER 3. METHODS OF COLLECTING DATA;71 10.3.1;1 Prior Work in Tzeltal Botanical Ethnography;71 10.3.2;2 Procedures and Techniques Employed in the Present Study;73 10.3.3;3 Advantages of General Botanical Collecting Procedures;79 10.3.4;4 Tzeltal Collection Files and Supporting Linguistic and Ethnographic Data;80 10.3.5;5 Basic and Extended Ranges of Tzeltal Plant Names;81 10.3.6;6 Informant Variability and the "Ideal SpeakerHearer";83 10.3.7;7 Establishing Tzeltal Plant Complexes;84 10.4;CHAPTER 4. ETHNOLINGUISTIC CONSIDERATIONS OF PLANT MORPHOLOGY AND PLANT DEVELOPMENT;87 10.4.1;1 Linguistic Specification of States of Growth and Development;87 10.4.2;2 Tzeltal Ethnophytography;94 10.4.3;3 Descriptive Terminology of Tzeltal Plant Characteristics and Qualities;104 10.5;CHAPTER 5. CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE OF PLANTS;121 10.5.1;1 Linguistic Considerations of Cultural Significance;121
10.5.2;2 Ecological Considerations of the Significance of Plants;128 11;PART II: The Flora;176 11.1;CHAPTER 6. INTRODUCTION;178 11.1.1;1 Considerations on the Adequacy of the Description;178 11.1.2;2 Organization of the Flora;182 11.1.3;3 Conventions on the Form of Individual Discussion of Tzeltal Plant Names;183 11.2;CHAPTER 7. THE TREES: te?;185 11.2.1;Covert Complexes: te?;185 11.2.2;Covert Categories: te?;189 11.2.3;Tree Isolates;287 11.3;CHAPTER 8. THE HERBS: wamal;331 11.3.1;Herb Covert Complexes: wamal;331 11.3.2;Herb Isolates: wamal;362 11.4;CHAPTER 9. THE VINES: ?ak';398 11.4.1;Covert Categories: ?ak';398 11.4.2;Vine Isolates: ?ak';420 11.5;CHAPTER 10. THE GRASSES: ?ak;425 11.5.1;?ak Generics;425 11.6;CHAPTER 11. THE UNAFFILIATED PLANTS;440 11.6.1;Unaffiliated Covert Categories;440 11.6.2;Isolated Unaffiliated Generic Taxa;490 11.7;CHAPTER 12. THE AMBIGUOUSLY AFFILIATED PLANTS;525 11.7.1;Covert Categories;525 11.7.2;Ambiguous Isolates;531 12;APPENDIXES;540 12.1;Appendix 1.1 Alphabetical Inventory of Tzeltal Plant Taxa and Their Botanical Ranges by Folk Generic Name;542 12.2;Appendix 1.2 Alphabetical Inventory of Botanical Names by Genus and Their Associated Tzeltal Plant Referents;585 13;Appendix 2: Alphabetical Listing of Plants by Tzeltal Name in Terms of Their Relative Cultural Significance;599 14;Appendix 3: Potentially Valid Generic Names;605 15;Appendix 4: Systematic List of Plants;608 16;REFERENCES;644 17;INDEXES;648 18;Index to Non-Tzeltal Plant Names;650 19;Index to Tzeltal Plant Names;672 20;General Index;682

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