Sorrows and Lace (Clearwater County, Lonely Lace series, #3)

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August 2014



Everything he's done was to keep the land … but this Montana rancher will soon learn the true cost of his ambitions.

Ronan James has done things he's not proud of, sure. But it was all to save the Montana land his family history is built on. A dynasty that will die with him unless he has an heir. When he divorces the wife who lied, cheated and denied him her womb, his only heir is a nephew alienated by his actions. Time is running out for Lacey Caverns Ranch, unless Ronan can strike a deal for another heir with his first love, who's now a lonely, wounded woman.

Kelsey Redbird loved Ronan, but his bigoted father gave him an ultimatum—give her up for another woman, or lose the ranch. Broken-hearted, Kelsey drifted into marriage with Sonny, who threatened to kill her if she ever left. She hid from him in her childhood home on the Salish reservation, but when she leaves this sanctuary for Ronan, she's vulnerable again. And this time, so is Ronan—because Sonny's older brother is the leader of a notorious gang who'll stop at nothing to get revenge.

As violence stampedes onto his ranch, Ronan must choose which is truly worth his sacrifice – the woman he's always wanted or the land he was destined to have. 

Don't miss this suspenseful ride for love lost and found—get your copy of Sorrows and Lace today!

***This is the third book in this series. This series should be read consecutively.***

The reading order for the Clearwater County world

Lonely Lace series

Spurs and Lace (book #1)

Secrets and Lace (Book #2)

Sorrows and Lace (Book #3)

Redemption series

Romancing Redemption (Book #1)

Riding for Redemption (Book #2)

Resisting Redemption (Book #3)

Regretting Redemption (Book #4)

Rewarding Redemption (Book #5)

The Montana Trails series (Coming 2016)

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