Secrets and Lace (Clearwater County, Lonely Lace series, #2)

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Juni 2014



This cowboy's done wandering, but can he handle the changes waiting back at the ranch?

Robbie MacAllister had everything—a beautiful girl-friend and partnership in a sprawling dude ranch with his twin brother Slate, but 4 years ago he walked away from a love gone cold. Hardened by time as a drifter and ranch-hand, he wants his old life back. But when he discovers Amelia with a 3-year-old son, he can't believe the boy is his. After all, if he couldn't resist her, neither could his twin, right?

Amelia James loved Robbie, but when he betrayed her, she fenced him out. Now he wants to return, and she's just lonely and desperate enough to let him. But should she? Because this time, he could break two hearts … hers and the little boy she'll do anything to keep safe.

Meanwhile, even bigger storm clouds loom on the horizon over Lonely River Ranch. As if there wasn't enough trouble already on the ranch, Robbie's past has followed him home. Can he use his skills as a gambler in a bluff to save the ranch and everyone he loves? Or will he lose it all, just when he's discovered he has everything that really matters?

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***Book 2 in a continuing series***

The reading order for the Clearwater County world

Lonely Lace series

Spurs and Lace (book #1)

Secrets and Lace (Book #2)

Sorrows and Lace (Book #3)

Redemption series

Romancing Redemption (Book #1)

Riding for Redemption (Book #2)

Resisting Redemption (Book #3)

Regretting Redemption (Book #4)

Rewarding Redemption (Book #5)

The Lost Trails series (Coming 2016)

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