Three New Fairy Stories (Stalk Holding Super Heroes, #1)

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August 2013



So you think you know all about Fairy Stories, do you? Well, forget whatever you think you know and pay attention. For the purposes of this story and those that will follow, you need to know that Fairy Stories exist in many and varied parallel Fairy Story Worlds. The Fairy Story characters I will tell you about are Baby Bear [his real first name is Bertram, same as this storyteller, co-incidence or what? Commonly referred to as BB to save energy when typing] from Goldilox and the Three Bears, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and Pippa, the most intelligent of the Three Little Pigs, who had enough sense to build a house of bricks so it couldn't be blown down by Wolly, the Big Bad Wolf. - So that deals with most of the 'Who' but there are some more characters I will tell you about in a bit. Most people think the stories end when you get to 'and they lived happily ever after.' But maybe they don't. Maybe, sometimes they go wrong. These stories are about those 'maybes.'

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