The Goldilox Effect (Stalk Holding Super Heroes, #2)

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November 2013



As we saw in Three New Fairy Stories someone or something is tinkering with our most beloved stories, changing them so that they will no longer survive. Can they be saved? Of course. It's time to call in the Stalk Holding Super Heroes, (SHSH for short), one time Fairy Story characters themselves. Baby Bear (BB) now all grown up, Jack of the Beanstalk fame, now Sir James of Stalk Holding and Pippa, a very clever if short sighted pig who once outwitted a Big Bad Wolf by building a house of bricks. Asking for their help is Granny Neutron, the power at the head of the GrandGran Council whose job it is to oversee the many Fairy Story worlds. Will the newly formed SHSH be up to solving the problem? You bet.

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Untertitel: Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Blue Hour Publishing
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2013
Format: epub eBook
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