Kops: Plays Three

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September 2015



The Dream of Peter Mann was first produced at the Edinburgh Lyceum in 1960 and is a bold exploration of what it is to live in a world threatened by nuclear annihilation. In Enter Solly

Gold, an irreverent and much lighter work, Kops' protagonist fleeces a family of vulgar snobs, reducing them to penury but also introducing them to an enjoyment of life. Who Shall I Be Tomorrow? was a hit at the Greenwich Theatre in 1982 with

Joanna Lumley as the frighteningly deluded woman trying to flee her own reality by building herself a world of daydreams.


Bernard Kops is one of Britain's leading playwrights. He won sudden, unexpected fame in 1957 with his East End play The Hamlet of Stepney Green. This was drama steeped in the Yiddish theatrical tradition: a sweet-and-sour comedy including brilliant poetry set to music, the play portrayed a dying working-class community through the frustrating relationship between an ailing father and his adult son. It has been performed all over the world. Playing Sinatra, another of his favourite plays, has also been produced around the world. It had an incredible reception when it went to Warehouse Theatre Croydon and Greenwich Theatre, and opened in April 2012 in Washington D.C. In all, he has written more than forty plays, nine novels and two autobiographies.
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