Staying the Consumption Course

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Januar 2015



Benjamin Krischan Schulte develops a process-model of consumer lock-in in service relationships by connecting three areas of research: path dependence, consumer behavior and service relationship marketing. He defines consumer lock-in as a situation of a potentially unaware inability to switch from or exit a consumption process due to entrenchment with increasing barriers on the individual and/or social level. Switching barriers are elaborated as consumer lock-in mechanisms. The resulting process model is outlined and empirically examined in an explorative panel study of a service relationship process in higher education. The author's findings support the presence of consumer lock-in in services as an idiosyncratic process of gradual entrapment. The phenomenon has relevance for researchers and practitioners in complex service relationships, where lock-in was found to be a likely occurrence but difficult to grasp.


¿Theoretical Foundation: Path Dependence, Consumer Behavior and Service Relationship Research.-Model of the Consumer Lock-in Process.- Longitudinal Study with Service Consumers in a Higher Education Service.



Benjamin Krischan Schulte obtained a Doctoral Degree in Business from Freie Universität Berlin in 2014.
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