Holiday Party Affair

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Februar 2013



Jill has always had a crush on her neighbor Glen. Tired of being neglected and insulted by her husband, Jill lets herself be seduced by Glen at his wife's holiday party. No one at the party suspects a thing as Jill and Glen bang each other like crazy in the barn.
At that last word the sexual tension in the big empty barn ramps up a notch.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Glen asks as he runs a finger over my stocking covered knee, my dress is a little hiked up there for some reason.
"I'm not thinking much of anything right now," I say, my head spinning with desire and disbelief. I never expected the night to go this way. Never expected anything to come of my crush.
Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions sexual acts
This story is also included in the ebook "Christmas Lust Bundle".
Length: Short Story, 2700 words, approx. 10 printed pages.

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Verlag: Belle Hart
Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2013
Format: epub eBook
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