Christmas Lust Bundle

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Februar 2013



This is a collection of 4 erotic Christmas stories. Four lusty pairs of people find very adult and sexy ways to enjoy the holiday cheer.
Contains the following stories:
"Mall Santa Quickie": Hot young mom, Lucy, has had a bit of a dry spell with sex. While shopping for Christmas gifts with her best friend and daughter, Lucy finds herself locked in the Ladies Room with the handsome mall Santa. She can't let him get away without first satisfying her intense lust.
"Holiday Party Affair": Jill has always had a crush on her neighbor Glen. Tired of being neglected and insulted by her husband, Jill lets herself be seduced by Glen at his wife's holiday party. No one at the party suspects a thing as Jill and Glen bang each other like crazy in the barn.
"Santa's Horny Helpers": Best friends Layna and Ted have jobs working side by side as Santa's elves. She's been trying to subtly seduce him, but he's oblivious. So after they get off work tonight Layna plans to get Ted into bed, no matter what it takes.
"Christmas Vacation Fling": College girl Bridget is stranded at home during Christmas vacation by a snow storm. She thinks she's all alone until handsome neighbor Trey comes to her bedroom window. The two old friends see each other in a new light now that they're all grown up, and find sexy ways to keep warm while the blizzard howls outside.
Warning: These stories contain graphic descriptions of sex.
Length: 10,700 words.

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