Murder Most Texan

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November 2014



Texas has long boasted its iron fist

of the law and strict treatment of its hardest criminals. Nevertheless,

scoundrels, fiends and homicidal criminals inevitably slipped through the Lone

Star justice system despite the best efforts of even the legendary Texas

Rangers. From roadside murder to political assassinations, discover the seedy underbelly

of Texas¿ murderous past. In 1877, Texas saw its first high-profile murder case

with the slaying of a woman in Jefferson and the subsequent ¿Diamond Bessie¿

trial. Over a century later, state legislator Price Daniel Jr. was shot in cold

blood by his wife at their home in Liberty. Texas true crime writer and

historian Bartee Haile unburies this collection of sixteen coldblooded killings

from Lone Star history and the dirty details that have shocked and bewildered

Texans for decades.
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