Blood Relations

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From New York Times–bestselling author and former Miami prosecutor Barbara Parker comes a spellbinding legal thriller about a sexual attack at a South Beach nightclub that has shocking repercussions for the victim, the three suspects, and an idealistic prosecutor 
Sam Hagen’s eighteen years as a prosecutor haven’t inured him to violence, even in Miami, where murder has become almost routine. Now a seventeen-year-old model named Ali D. claims she was gang-raped in the VIP room of a South Beach nightclub. Trouble is, two of the men she’s accusing are Miami movers and shakers: Marquis Lamont, pro-footballer turned actor, and connected Italian businessman Klaus Ruffini, who owns a high-profile property in South Beach.
Under political pressure from the state’s attorney, Hagen is expected to dismiss the case for lack of evidence. At home, his marriage is crumbling and he finds his moral certitude tested when he rekindles an affair with model-turned-photographer Caitlin Dorn. Now Hagen’s about to make more enemies: He decides to pursue the rape investigation, which soon erupts in murder. Caught up in a maelstrom of violence and suspicion, this seasoned prosecutor must race to solve an out-of-control case.


Barbara Parker was trained as a lawyer and worked as a prosecutor with the state attorney's office in Dade County, Florida, before moving into a private practice that specialized in real estate and family law. Parker earned a master's degree in creative writing in 1993. Her first legal thriller was Suspicion of Innocence (1994), which was followed by another seven titles featuring two lawyer protagonists, the sometime-lovers Gail Connor and Anthony Quintana. While writing the Suspicion series, Parker also produced Criminal Justice, Blood Relations, The Perfect Fake, and The Dark of Day. Suspicion of Innocence was a finalist for the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America. Two of her titles, Suspicion of Deceit and Suspicion of Betrayal were New York Times bestsellers. Barbara Parker died in March 2009, at age sixty-two.


“Once again, Parker pushes legal eagles to the edge—here, in a morality tale about the fall from grace of a man, a town and a legal system. . . . The pace never flags from the opening to the knuckle-whitening finale.” —Publishers Weekly
“For readers facing the cruel snows of winter, the sunny Miami setting of Parker's latest will provide vicarious warmth, and the fast-paced action should heat up even the coldest mystery buff. . . . Stylish writing, glamorous characters, a glitzy setting, and an intricately constructed plot—there’s a formula for success in any genre of popular fiction.” —Booklist
Praise for Barbara Parker
“[Barbara Parker] has a natural storyteller’s gift of grabbing our attention and never letting go.” —Chicago Tribune
“Parker can tell a story!” —Miami Herald

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