More Than Magic (Three Sisters, #2)

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Januar 2015



Airdrie is the weird sister, the one who dreams forecasting dreams that scare the whole community of Whippoorwill Corners in 1940's Oklahoma. But to Gabe Cabot, community 'bad boy' and charmer, she's sweet, naive and almost like a little sister to a man who has nothing but bad memories of his own family. But Airdire, who has been hopelessly in love with Gabe since she was sixteen, has a dream about him and knows if she doesn't act quickly she will lose him forever.


Barbara Bartholomew lives in western Oklahoma, dividing her time between the farm which has been in the family for over a hundred years and a 1940s house in a neighboring small town. She frequently draws on this background and her years living in Texas for her books. She is the author of more than forty published novels and dozens of short stories.

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Verlag: Barbara Bartholomew
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2015
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