Relating Indigenous and Settler Identities

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September 2014



This book uses identity theories to explore the struggles of indigenous peoples against the domination of the settler imaginary in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. The book argues that a new relational imaginary can revolutionize the way settler peoples think about and relate to indigenous difference.


1. Introduction PART I: THE SETTLER IMAGINARY 2. Indigenous Authenticity and Settler Nationalisms 3: Hybrid Identities and the One-Way Street of Assimilation PART II: POSTCOLONIAL RESISTANCES 4. Performative Hybridity, Unhomely Temporality and Cultural Difference 5. Strategic Essentialism, Indigenous Agency and Difference PART III: TOWARDS THE RELATIONAL IMAGINARY 6. 'Deep Colonising': The Politics of Recognition 7. Ethical Obligation and Relationality


Avril Bell is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. She specializes in settler identities and the relationships between settler and indigenous peoples, particularly in relation to New Zealand society. Her work addresses the ongoing legacies of colonization and practices of decolonization.

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