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A "good" programmer can outproduce five, ten, and sometimes more run-of-the-mill programmers. The secret to success for any software company then is to hire the good programmers. But how to do that? How to recognize a good programmer? How to even define "good"? These are questions the software industry has struggled with for decades. Managers and others involved in hiring programmers are constantly faced with the dilemma of trying to divine talent for programming based on their perception of a candidate's talent for interviewing and socialization. The result? The result is all too often the hiring of a good talker rather than a good programmer.In Joel on Hiring, Joel Spolsky draws from his experience both at Microsoft and running his own, successful software company based in New York City. Joel writes humorously, but seriously about his methods for sorting resumes, for finding great candidates, and for interviewing, in person and by phone. Joel's methods are not complex, but they do get to the heart of the matter: how to recognize a great developer when you see one.


- 1: Hitting the High Notes.
- 2: Finding Great Developers.
- 3: A Field Guide to Developers.
- 4: Sorting Resumes.
- 5: Phone interviews (not yet published, 3000 words).
- 6: The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing.



Joel Spolsky is a globally recognized expert on the software development process. His web site Joel on Software ( is popular with software developers around the world and has been translated into over 30 languages. As the founder of Fog Creek Software in New York City, he created FogBugz, a popular project management system for software teams. Joel has worked at Microsoft, where he designed Visual Basic for Applications as a member of the Excel team, and at Juno Online Services, developing an Internet client used by millions. He has written two books: User Interface Design for Programmers (Apress, 2001) and Joel on Software (Apress, 2004). Joel holds a bachelor's of science degree in computer science from Yale University. Before college, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a paratrooper, and he was one of the founders of Kibbutz Hanaton.


From the reviews:

"Programming-employment decisions are a critical managerial process. ' Spolsky asserts that `the real trick to management is to make people identify with the goals you're trying to achieve.' ' Spolsky concludes with the self-designed `Joel Test,' which rates the quality of a software team. ' Managers, recruiters, and programmers will enjoy this easy read." (Brad Reid, ACM Computing Reviews, September, 2008)

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