Unfaithful: 3 in 1 Collection

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September 2014



All their lives these three women never thought they would cross lines and fall to the other side. They followed rules, lived by the books and simply be good. But then came temptation, sneaking up and catching each by surprise, inflaming one and all, engulfing each of them in helpless desire...
This is a compilation of previously released titles: The Neighbor's Son, Gagged: The Lucifer's Circle Collection, and The Mayor's Wife.
Author's Note: This work contains scenes of graphic sexual acts between consenting adults. All characters are older than 18. Reader's discretion is advised.
Estranged wife Cassie Cooper didn't think much of the noticeably good looking son of her neighbor... up until the day she fell asleep on the window seat and found out shy Lucas was watching her. Left alone at home for six months and untouched more than that, Cassie felt a sudden thrill that escalated quickly - to the point where she was willing to try the unspeakable.
Gina Craig thought she could get away with walking off the beaten path just for once in her life. The good wife to the town's headmaster, she got into trouble soon after she set foot in the Lucifer's Circle club. Heath Hunter, co-owner of the shady club came to her rescue, only for Gina to find out she was facing yet another trouble, a lot more dangerous trouble, which was not even the death of the man who had harassed her.
Mayor Jack Renaud had it all: the position he had coveted, the lovely, perfect politician wife and the exciting younger mistress. So his gambling put him in a tough spot with the owner of an underground casino, Tyler Bradley. So what. His wife Lucia had come to the rescue, putting in a personal sacrifice. Except now Jack wondered if it was a sacrifice at all...

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