The Witch and Her Doctor: (Medical Mind Control Erotica) The Serpentine Falls Series

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Oktober 2014



Ready for shenanigans and debauchery on Halloween night, flirtatious Wendy found herself with a strange necklace given by a mysterious old lady, an injured leg, and Dr. Ryan who, for once, wouldn't meet her eyes when she smiled and teased him. Did her naughty costume finally charm the handsome doctor or was it something else more powerful...?


"Do you know your comment made me feel like I was some dirty quarterback—and not a woman?"
This time he did jerk his hand. "Not a woman—oh, God."
Dr. Ryan rose quickly and turned away. "I need some butterfly clips for the cut on your leg. Wait here."
I sat there with my heart pounding. So he was not immune after all. What changed? Impossible that it should be the atmosphere alone. The sexy costume? It was true that most of the time I came in I was in less flattering outfits...
My skin felt warm and I felt a little thrill building in my belly. I had always thought it was OK that it should strictly be just flirting between Dr. Ryan and I. I would never admit it, not even to Lena or JJ that I wished for something more, wished for it rather badly.
The warmth seemed to center on my chest and my hand moved automatically there, finding a curious object that puzzled me a little before I remembered.
The wisp of a necklace the weird old lady had given me. Lena, JJ and I had giggled over the 'emerald' pendant but now that I looked at it, it did shine brilliantly, dark and green. And hot.
I cradled the stone to keep it from burning my skin, belatedly realizing that my palm was made of skin as well. Bouncing the stone on my hand, I unconsciously repeated the strange sentence the old lady had imparted to me. There was a sing song quality to it and I recited it easily—feeling as though I was singing a lullaby to the stone because the heat then dissipated, settling down to a nice tingly warmth.
Just then Dr. Ryan stepped back in and I held my breath when h

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