The Mayor's Wife (Cuckold Voyeurism Erotica)

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September 2014



Mayor Jack Renaud had it all: the position he had coveted, the lovely, perfect politician wife and the exciting younger mistress. So his gambling put him in a tough spot with the owner of an underground casino, Tyler Bradley. So what. His wife Lucia had come to the rescue, putting in a personal sacrifice. Except now Jack wondered if it was a sacrifice at all...

But Tyler was charming, welcoming. Letting me play for higher and higher stakes, and I got drunk with it despite Carter's warnings. And then the bastard dropped the bomb. Unbelievable interest to be paid promptly unless...
Now I wondered if Tyler had somehow planned the whole thing. Could it be?
But what was done was done. Lucia was not speaking to me at the moment and I completely understood. Tyler was as good as his words and I had received a receipt naming the sum of my debt as fully paid the morning after my wife was returned to me.
It was a huge sum but when you thought of it, no woman would appreciate a fix number associated with her person, her body, even if it was for the night.
So yeah, my wife was not speaking to me. But from that to her sleeping with Tyler? On the regular? Did not compute at all.
After all, I chose her to be my wife, the Mrs Jack Renaud, because I knew the kind of woman she was. She wanted stability and security and in return I knew I was getting the perfect politician's wife, pretty as a picture, composed and discreet. She was fair and she kept her words; she was not cunning or calculating. Again, it was really hard for me to imagine her cheating.
What had happened?
"How long has it been going on?" I asked.
"Two weeks."
I raised an eyebrow. So just a few days after the... transaction between Tyler and I. "Why have you only told me now?"
"I was informed that the next... ah, tryst would be here."
"Here?" now it was my voice that was raised. "In my house?"

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