The Doctor's Special Injection

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Dezember 2014



A woman who was desperate. A man who wouldn't turn away from a challenge.

Joanne Rivers needed something Doctor Craig thought he could give. What he needed to do was convince her she should take it.

Joanne was running out of options. What she really, really wanted was deemed inconceivable. Even handsome Doctor Craig was not too optimistic, even though he tried his hardest. Someone in his position risked more than just a reputation if misconduct were suspected. Surely he wouldn't cross the line to help his patient, surely he wouldn't give Joanne what she wanted the old fashioned way...


"WHAT IF HE SAID this was not working either?"
I flinched, even though I appreciated Nora's straightforward question.
"I... " I drew a deep breath. "I don't know."
She sighed, her hand patting mine.
"Still not going the traditional route?"
I shook my head. "I told you, it's... difficult. It took me too long to develop trust and no men want to wait around for that.
"And without trust, I... I just..."
"All right, all right," Nora said, her voice gentle now as she gave a reassuring squeeze to my hand.
"Listen, about that... I thought Dr. Craig was going to refer you to someone to talk it over?"
"Yeah. He did, actually," I told Nora. "I just wasn't sure if it was working."
"How long have you seen this guy?"
"It's a woman," I said. "About a month."
"Maybe it was just not long enough," Nora said.
I shook my head.
"You just want Dr. Craig, don't you?" Nora asked, chuckling and nudging me.
I knew she was only trying to lighten up the mood but my heart gave a jump anyway.
Because I did start to think so, wondering if my eagerness to come to consultation was a hundred percent due to my desire to have a baby, or to see Dr. Craig.
If my impatience to get to the day of my appointments was really about the quest for fertility or if it was part my gro

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